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Hemp is a powerful plant that can nourish and heal. We have set out to deliver the goodness of hemp to the world and its pets.

Our Mission

Is to provide pet owners with natural and healthy animal feed products that are made with Hemp. Hemp has many beneficial health properties and we are excited to share them with the world.

Sadly, hemp has long been under prohibition and its wonders and healing powers have been restricted for use. Before prohibition in the 1930’s hemp was a very valuable crop with many uses including food, oil, fibre and medicine. Now, with the barriers of prohibition breaking down, we can bring forth a pure form of natural remedies and products that are sustainable and healthy.

We take pride in hearing the stories of pet owners that frequently contact us exclaiming the difference our products have made to the life of their pets.

Feel free to contact us so we can assist you should you have any queries.

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