Hemp Seed Hulls

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hemp seed meal poultry 5kg.png
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Hemp Seed Hulls


High Protein - Omega 3 - Fibre - Amino Acids

10L volume

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Hemp Seed Meal is a feed enhancer supplement designed to add into the existing diet of livestock. It consists of the shells of the hemp seed (also referred to as hulls or husks) and some of the inner meat of the hemp seed too.
Hemp seeds are a nutritional superfood for both humans and animals, and our hemp seed meal contains only the best - 100% natural, with no added chemicals.
Our Hemp Seed Meal feed enhancer is suitable for horses, sheep, poultry, goats, cattle and more! It is an excellent protein source.

Hemp Seed Meal has endless nutritional benefits for horses (and other livestock!).
Hemp Seed Meal is a great source of protein, energy, fibre, essential amino acids, and Omegas, as well as an added boost of vitamins and minerals.