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Welcome to Doonan Feed Company

We are a locally owned animal health food company that began in our backyard on the Sunshine Coast.

On our little hinterland farm back in a few years ago we started experimenting by feeding our horses and chickens hemp.

Hemp has long been known for its valuable health properties so we thought it could only help our our rag tag team of farm animal friends. What we discovered is that it works wonders!

A few years on we are now proud to offer a range of natural animal feed products (from natural remedies to elite equine supplements) that have the power to heal nourish and enhance the lives of your beloved pets and animals and ours too..


CaNINE Products

  • Canine Arthritis

  • Skin Conditions

  • Inflammations

Equine Products

  • Sore Joints

  • Inflammations

  • Muscle development

Livestock Products

  • Weight gain

  • Dietry fibre

  • Stock health


October 2017

I came across your hemp products by accident, I was looking for something to help my shihtzu dog. We have gone from almost having to make that dreaded decision of putting him to rest or trying this first. He was unable to walk and was in a good deal of pain, now he is almost back to his happy self, walking, climbing stairs and enjoying life again. I put this all down to using canine hemp oil.

Quote Source / LISa