Protein is one of the most important components of a horse’s diet. Protein is responsible for growth, muscle development, brain function, energy, coat and hoof development and more.

Fibre is also a crucial part of the equine diet. Fibre is the main source of energy for horses. Horses are “hindgut fermenters” - that is, the bacteria in their hindgut is what digests most of their food. Fibre that is broken down and digested in the hindgut creates energy for the horse!

Essential Fatty Acids are necessary in an equine diet and deficiencies may lead to dietary related illnesses and decrease of general health. One of the major benefits of incorporating hemp into an equine diet is its high level of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) which is a highly anti-inflammatory fatty acid, and its perfect Omega-6:3 ratio of 3:1. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are both Essential Fatty Acids - essential because they cannot be manufactured by the body and therefore must be supplemented through the diet.

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Horses in work need extra care taken to ensure their joints stay healthy, and the horses stay sound. It’s important to take the best care of our horse’s joints, so we as riders and owners can continue to enjoy our time with them, knowing they are happy, healthy and comfortable.
Horses in a performance scenario (whether it be competing, racing, or just under a high workload), often have extra stress on their joints. Being able to support the joint system and prevent injury is important.

Elderly horses, or horses suffering from arthritis or other joint conditions are also in need of extra care. Horses that have come from a racing background often need a bit more of a helping hand to ensure they stay sound and comfortable to begin the next part of their journey, whether it be a new competition direction, or enjoying all-round pleasure riding with their owner.

Whatever you happen to do with your horse, taking care of their joints is a priority. A sore horse is an unhappy horse!

The anti-inflammatory properties of hemp are exceptionally beneficial when it comes to supporting joints. Omega-3’s and some of the Omega-6’s present in hemp have been shown to soothe sore joints, reduce pain, and support tendons, ligaments and surrounding structures to keep horses sound.
Hemp has also been shown to reduce the effects of arthritis, and get horses back on the road to soundness and comfort.

Equine Hemp & Flax Health Formula
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A perfect balance of Omegas 3:6 provides your horse with anti-inflammatory properties, protein for assisting with muscle repair and development, and all the nutrients he needs for a shiny coat, boosted condition, healthy hair and hoof development, and supporting his digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Our Premium cold-pressed Hemp & Flax Oil combines all the incredible properties of both hemp and flax seeds, to provide your horse with all of the essentials needed for optimal health.

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Whether your horse is a new rescue from a previously bad situation needing some extra love, an elderly horse that struggles maintaining weight, or a horse with health issues that require some extra maintenance, ensuring their weight and condition is up to scratch is important.

Hemp is a fantastic resource for horses needing a condition boost. High protein levels give a good foundation for muscle development and repair, and the naturally high oil content provides an excellent source of fat. Hemp is also a great source of fibre, which is critical in the horse’s digestive system.

Hemp is also a brilliant addition to the diet of show or competition horses. Maintenance of topline and correct muscle development is important for horses in a performance home, whether it’s to wow the judges or to ensure your horse’s have the strength and health to perform at their peak - hemp is an invaluable source of energy, protein and vitamins to keep your horse looking and feeling fabulous!

Being in top condition is also essential for breeding horses, whatever period of the breeding process they are in. Empty mares are more likely to fall pregnant successfully if they are already in good condition and healthy. Gestating mares require extra energy to grow their unborn foal, and lactating mares can struggle with weight and condition, when their foal is not only feeding from them, but also nibbling at their feed.
Hemp gives the protein required for milk production, development and growth of young horses, and contains essential vitamins and minerals to ensure your breeding horses are at their optimum health for very stage of the breeding process.



To ensure your horse is shiny, glossy and to help those beautiful dapples really show through, protein is once again your friend!
Protein is the building block for coat development, as it is the basis for the growth of hair.
The natural oils present in hemp also coat the hairs and make that coat shine.
The vitamins and minerals present in hemp, along with all 20 known amino acids, strengthen and nourish the coat from the inside out, allowing the hairs to be healthy, strong and in some cases even darken the colour and make dappled horses stand out.

The anti-inflammatory properties of hemp also assist with itchy skin conditions. Irritated or inflamed skin can be painful for your horse, and can even in some cases prevent you from being able to ride and enjoy time with your horse.
By providing a natural anti-inflammatory to soothe the irritation and repair damaged skin or lost hair, your horse can be fast-tracked tor recovery and you can get back in the saddle sooner, knowing your horse is feeling great and is comfortable once more.

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