A rich source of nutrition, including essential fatty acidS, PROTEIN AND VITAMINS crucial in a healthy equine diet.

Omega-3s are essential in an equine diet and deficiencies may lead to dietary related illnesses and decrease of general health. One of the major benefits of incorporating hemp into an equine diet is its high level of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) which is a highly anti-inflammatory fatty acid, and its perfect Omega-6:3 ratio of 3:1. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are both Essential Fatty Acids - essential because they cannot be manufactured by the body and therefore must be supplemented through the diet.

Hemp Hulls for Animals

Equine Hemp & Flax Health Formula
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Hemp Seed Meal

Hemp Seed Meal is a feed enhancer supplement designed to add into your horse’s feed. It consists of the shells of the hemp seed (also referred to as hulls or husks) and some of the inner meat of the hemp seed too.
Hemp seeds are a nutritional superfood for both humans and animals, and our hemp seed meal contains only the best - 100% natural, with no added chemicals.

100% Australian Grown

Our hemp is all Australian Grown with no pesticides or fertilisers! We are always proud to support our Aussie Hemp Farmers.

Feeding Hemp to Horses

Hemp Seed Meal has endless nutritional benefits for horses (and other livestock!).
Hemp Seed Meal is a great source of protein, energy, fibre, essential amino acids, and Omegas, as well as an added boost of vitamins and minerals.
For the performance horse, the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seeds provide a great advantage, helping to support joints under load. The energy boost is also essential for horses in heavy work.

Thanks to the properties of one of the Omega-6 fatty acids - Gamma Linolenic Acid, that produces anti-inflammatory prostaglandins in the body - hemp seeds are highly anti-inflammatory. These are highly beneficial for horses with conditions such as arthritis, laminitis, digestive issues or skin conditions. 

The protein content of hemp seed meal is helpful in assisting horses in need of condition, for pregnant or lactating mares, horses with poorly coat health, and horses in need of added strength in their hooves. Protein promotes the growth of healthy hair and hooves, and assists greatly in the development of new muscle cells which adds to a horse’s condition in conjunction with an effective workout scheme.

Fibre & Energy
Hemp Seed Meal has a fairly high fibre content - around 27%. This is comparable with other products on the market such as copra meal (the result of the oil extraction process of coconuts). Fibre is an essential part of the horse's diet for many reasons - the process of fermentation that occurs in the horse's hindgut to digest fibre is what creates their energy. A large portion of the horse's digestive system is designed for fibre breakdown.

The oils available in hemp seed meal help to maintain coat health and condition. Hemp Seed Oil itself is a fantastic addition to a horse’s diet, and hemp seed meal naturally contains around 15% oil.

Feeding rates
Another great benefit of feeding hemp seed meal to your horse is the lowered feeding rates in comparison to other products available. As little as 100g a day (roughly 1 cup) can help to maintain a horse’s condition, keep its fibre levels up and provide a cool source of energy. For a horse with a higher energy demand or who’s body is in need of some extra TLC, up to 1kg of hemp seed meal can be added to their feed - in comparison with some other energy sources available that recommend adding up to 4kg of feed.