Naturally Healthy
Hemp Pet Care Products

Doonan Feed Co was created by animal lovers who are dedicated to making healthy products that are effective and natural becauseā€¦

We love feeding animals!

In fact we love feeding animals so much we made this company.

In doing so, we wanted to make sure we could return the love by offering the best natural products on the market.

Our range of premium canine products are formulated to give your dog the best life!

Formulated by equine scientists and industry professionals, our premium equine products can bring out the best in your horse.

For centuries, cannabis products have been used and proven effective in treating many ailments and increasing the quality of health in humans and animals alike.

Sadly prohibition restricted its commercial availability, and for many years we have missed out on the wonders of the cannabis plant and its benefits. Now is the time to rejoice - we have the goods for you right here!

We welcome you to discover the difference hemp can make to your beloved pet. Our products are completely natural with no artificial nasties - and best of all they are effective!

Every day pet owners just like you thank us for providing the cure they have been looking for. Frequently pet owners express frustration at hundreds of dollars being wasted and watching their pet suffer from ineffective medications. Fortunately the struggle is over and the simple cure is only a few clicks away.