5 Facts about Hemp Oil and your Dog

Cannabis for Dogs

Super food

Hemp oil is rich in nutrients that are beneficial for canine health; including vitamins & minerals along with the all important essential fatty acids in the perfect ratio of Omegas 6:3. Hemp oil contains many beneficial vitamins such as phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and more. Many of these vitamins are essential for healthy function of your dog's bodily systems!

Joint Health

The Essential Fatty Acids - commonly known as "Omegas"- in hemp oil may support joint health, help reduce and prevent inflammation, and provide relief for your furry friends at all stages of life. 

One of these Omega 6 fatty acids: Gamma Linolenic Acid (or GLA), works hard to create specific prostaglandins in your dog's body that are anti-inflammatory and help to reduce the effects of degenerative joint diseases - including arthritis. 

If that's all too sciencey for you, here's all you need to know: Hemp Oil contains wonderful properties that will support your dog's joints and may ease his creaky joints!


Vitamin E is an antioxidant that benefits the immune system greatly - and is abundantly found in hemp oil! Vitamin E benefits your dog in many ways. Some of these benefits include helping to maintain skin condition, supporting healthy brain function, and keeping your dog's vision working perfectly! Antioxidants such as Vitamin E help your dog's immune system by fighting damage to cells caused by free radicals which harm the body when your dog is ill, or absorbs toxins from sources such as chemicals or pesticides.

Shiny Fur  and Coat

Healthy hair, reduced odour and a glossy, shiny coat are all signs that your pooch is receiving optimal nutrition - and Hemp Oil in the diet can greatly assist in that! Rather than giving your dog a bath every few days which can strip the hair of all its natural oils, adding hemp oil to your dog's food can ease issues such as dry and flaky skin, irritations and rashes, hair loss and more. Thanks to the Omega 6 content of Hemp Oil, your dog's skin and coat condition will blossom! Along with the Essential Fatty Acids that help keep that hair shiny and smooth, the protein content in hemp oil also promotes the growth of new and healthy hair, keeping your dog looking his or her best - and you can rest assured she's feeling the same on the inside, too!

Amino Acids

Amino Acids are commonly referred to as "the building blocks of protein." We already know that protein is a crucial component of your dog's diet - Amino Acids are the molecules that help to build different proteins. Amino Acids assist with muscle repair, building new tissue, producing new red blood cells that transport oxygen around the body, and many more hugely vital roles. Hemp oil contains all 20 known Amino Acids, including the essential Amino Acids which are those not synthesised by the dog's system. This means that they must be provided in the diet. Adding Hemp Oil to your dog's food is a perfect way of providing them with these all-important molecules!

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It's no secret to horse owners that there are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing feed and supplements for our equine friends. You could ask ten people to recommend a product for a specific cause and receive ten different answers in return.

"What can I feed to my horse to help him gain condition, but not make him hot or alter his behaviour?"

"What can I feed to my horse for an added source of fibre?"

"What supplements will help my horse develop strong and healthy hooves?"

"Is there something that I can add to my horse's feed to make her shiny for show season?"

With such a vast market in the horse industry, it's little wonder that there are so many products, feeds and supplements that all contribute to the health of our horses.

Have you ever considered Hemp Seed meal as one of those options?

Hemp seeds are one of nature's true wonders. The entire hemp plant is full of incredible healing properties, and Australia is recently rediscovering the benefits of hemp seed as a food source - for both the animal world and humans.

Hemp Seed Meal is a great source of protein, energy, fibre, essential amino acids, and Omegas, as well as an added boost of vitamins and minerals.

For the performance horse, the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seeds provide a great advantage, helping to support joints under load. The energy boost is also essential for horses in heavy work.

Thanks to the properties of one of the Omega-6 fatty acids - Gamma Linolenic Acid, that produces anti-inflammatory prostaglandins in the body - hemp seeds are highly anti-inflammatory. These are highly beneficial for horses with conditions such as arthritis, laminitis, digestive issues or skin conditions. 

The protein content of hemp seed meal is helpful in assisting horses in need of condition, for pregnant or lactating mares, horses with poorly coat health, and horses in need of added strength in their hooves. Protein promotes the growth of healthy hair and hooves, and assists greatly in the development of new muscle cells which adds to a horse’s condition in conjunction with an effective workout scheme.

Fibre & Energy
Hemp Seed Meal has a fairly high fibre content - around 27%. This is comparable with other products on the market such as copra meal (the result of the oil extraction process of coconuts). Fibre is an essential part of the horse's diet for many reasons - the process of fermentation that occurs in the horse's hindgut to digest fibre is what creates their energy. A large portion of the horse's digestive system is designed for fibre breakdown.

The oils available in hemp seed meal help to maintain coat health and condition. Hemp Seed Oil itself is a fantastic addition to a horse’s diet, and hemp seed meal naturally contains around 15% oil.

Feeding rates
Another great benefit of feeding hemp seed meal to your horse is the lowered feeding rates in comparison to other products available. As little as 100g a day (roughly 1 cup) can help to maintain a horse’s condition, keep its fibre levels up and provide a cool source of energy. For a horse with a higher energy demand or who’s body is in need of some extra TLC, up to 1kg of hemp seed meal can be added to their feed - in comparison with some other energy sources available that recommend adding up to 4kg of feed.

So the next time someone asks you one of the age old questions: “What can I feed to my horse to do XYZ?” - consider hemp seed meal as a natural, healthy alternative.

Hemp Seed Meal Feeding Guide for Poultry

A guide to feeding poultry Hemp Seed Meal.

Hemp Seed Meal is a protein rich vital nutrient provider and a valuable feed source in many animal species.

Poultry in particular can benefit from being fed hemp seed meal thanks to its rich sources of readily available protein and calcium which encourage healthy feather, nail and egg development and production.

A recent study found that Chickens fed with hemp seed meal laid eggs higher in Omega 3 fatty acids


 Rodney               [Chicken Guru]

“It definitely makes the chooks smarter"

Hemp eggs feeding chickens hemp


How to feed

There are no hard and fast rules with feeding poultry because they are hardy birds and can pretty much figure it out on their own: given the pasture.

The more nutrients and protein the more likely increased egg production is to occur. Protein levels in commercial mixes may offer only a fraction above minimum laying requirements of a hen.

Hemp seed can be fed in a variety of ways depending on your style and scale of economy: also type of poultry.

Hemp seed Meal is highly palatable and the crunchy shells are great for the digestive tract.

This being said sometimes Hens can be on the fussy side so introducing them to a new feed might take some strategy.

1. Mix it up

A great way to feed is buy a few extra bags of different seeds while you’re at the local produce and make up your own mix.

This is fun and economical, giving you rich feed sources for longer lasting rations, and feeding less in total quantity. Feel good while helping out Australian growers and encouraging small town trade.

Roughly 100g of Hemp Seed can nutritionally sustain a laying hen.

2. Add it to your pellets or scratch mix

Along with your favourite layer pellet or free range mix or whichever you choose; add a couple of handfuls of hemp seed meal at feed time to add quality protein and those essential Omega 3s.

Can it sustain pullets?

With around 28 % protein levels hemp seed meal has enough punch to support the health and development of chicks all the way through to being a happy laying hen. Again it depends on your way of feeding make the right adjustments and add protein where you can to help development.

Is there Chemicals?

Nope we don’t like them very much. Certainly not in feed sources for production animals.