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Hemp Seed Meal Feeding Guide for Poultry

A guide to feeding poultry Hemp Seed Meal.

Hemp Seed Meal is a protein rich vital nutrient provider and a valuable feed source in many animal species.

Poultry in particular can benefit from being fed hemp seed meal thanks to its rich sources of readily available protein and calcium which encourage healthy feather, nail and egg development and production.

A recent study found that Chickens fed with hemp seed meal laid eggs higher in Omega 3 fatty acids


 Rodney               [Chicken Guru]

“It definitely makes the chooks smarter"

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How to feed

There are no hard and fast rules with feeding poultry because they are hardy birds and can pretty much figure it out on their own: given the pasture.

The more nutrients and protein the more likely increased egg production is to occur. Protein levels in commercial mixes may offer only a fraction above minimum laying requirements of a hen.

Hemp seed can be fed in a variety of ways depending on your style and scale of economy: also type of poultry.

Hemp seed Meal is highly palatable and the crunchy shells are great for the digestive tract.

This being said sometimes Hens can be on the fussy side so introducing them to a new feed might take some strategy.

1. Mix it up

A great way to feed is buy a few extra bags of different seeds while you’re at the local produce and make up your own mix.

This is fun and economical, giving you rich feed sources for longer lasting rations, and feeding less in total quantity. Feel good while helping out Australian growers and encouraging small town trade.

Roughly 100g of Hemp Seed can nutritionally sustain a laying hen.

2. Add it to your pellets or scratch mix

Along with your favourite layer pellet or free range mix or whichever you choose; add a couple of handfuls of hemp seed meal at feed time to add quality protein and those essential Omega 3s.

Can it sustain pullets?

With around 28 % protein levels hemp seed meal has enough punch to support the health and development of chicks all the way through to being a happy laying hen. Again it depends on your way of feeding make the right adjustments and add protein where you can to help development.

Is there Chemicals?

Nope we don’t like them very much. Certainly not in feed sources for production animals.